MLB Ballparks
24x18 Transit Map

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In 1972, graphic designer Massimo Vignelli and his team at Unimark designed the now infamous NYC Subway map that leveraged modernist design over geographic accuracy. The diagram received a mixed reception and was short lived. Today it is considered a landmark of information design with the core visual concept having been adopted around the world.

The MLB Ballparks Transit Map is inspired by Vignelli's master work but adds spacial accuracy by using a equidistant map projection. Distances between 'ballpark stations' are faithful where possible.

Note: These prints will NOT be signed or carry the THIRTY81 logo in respect to the original designers. 

Produced January, 2022.

Dimensions: 18" x 24" Landscape
Printing: 6-color pigmented ink
Paper: HP Super Heavyweight Matte Plus
Typeset: Helvetica

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Original artwork © 2022 Louis J. Spirito | THIRTY81 Project
May not be copied or reproduced in any way including derivative works without express written permission.