World Baseball Classic Scorecards March 05 2017

UPDATE: WBC Championship Game scorecard are now available.

Round one of the 2017 World Baseball Classic kicks off tomorrow with Pool A in Seoul, South Korea. We created special scorecards for the occasion. All round one scorecards are available now. Sheets for round two and the final series will be available once the dust settles and teams advance.

As usual, our scorecards are a FREE download and you're encouraged to share!


2017 World Baseball Classic Scorecards

Pool A - March 6-10, Seoul, South Korea
Pool B - March 7-11, Tokyo, Japan
Pool C - March 9-13, Miami, United States
Pool D - March 9-13, Jalisco, Mexico

Pool E - March 11-16, Tokyo, Japan
Pool F - March 14-19, San Diego, United States

Semi-Final Game 1 - March 20, Los Angeles, United States
Semi-Final Game 2 - March 21, Los Angeles, United States

Championship Game - March 22, Los Angeles, United States