2017 World Series Scorecards! October 21 2017

Custom scoresheets for the fall classic are ready!
7 two-sided sheets in a tidy zip pack.
No fuss, no ads, no gimmicks.

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Download FREE here: 2017 World Series Scorecards

2017 League Championship Series Scorecards October 13 2017


Four teams remain. Scorecards for both the American League and National League LCS
are now available in one zip archive — 14 two-sided PDF sheets for seven games each as needed.

Download FREE here: 2017 League Championship Scorecards

Be sure to print and out a few extras and share with your neighbors,
even if they're fans of that 'other' team...


2017 MLB Division Series Scorecards! October 04 2017

Seamheads and Scoring Monkeys rejoice!

New for 2017, The complete MLB Division Series Scorcards.

Available FREE as a PDF zip pack of twenty 2-sided sheets —
5 sheets per series divided among four individual folders:

Download here: 2017 Division Series Scorecards

If you're fortunate to attend the games, consider spreading the joy of
keeping score by printing out a few extras and sharing with your neighbors.


2017 Regular Season Scorecards are here! March 23 2017

The annually updated THIRTY81 Ballpark Scorecards are ready for download!

As with previous editions, each sheet is customized for one of the 30 MLB ballparks and
designed with both casual and advanced scorekeepers in mind.

Standard features include:

  • Designed for letter-sized paper to accommodate most printers.
  • Two-sided (home and visitors) for clear scoring.
  • Two substitutions per batter.
  • Space for date, weather, attendance, first pitch, time of game, and umpires.
  • Updated ballpark statistics and seating location.

Updates and additions for 2017:

  • The Brave's new ballpark 'SunTrust Park' has been added (RIP Turner Field).
  • Dimensions updated for Marlin's Park and Minute Maid Park (RIP Tal's Hill).
  • Updated Rogers Centre illustration to reflect the dirt base paths added in 2016.
  • As requested by many, the home team now appears on the 'back page'.
  • Added year the home franchise was established.
  • Added a overall 'GM#' slug to the top section.

As always, the THIRTY81 Scorecards are absolutely FREE. Just hit the links below to download the entire set in one zip file or get the individual PDF's using the team links.

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2017 Scorecards

Blue Jays
Red Sox
White Sox


World Baseball Classic Scorecards March 05 2017

UPDATE: WBC Championship Game scorecard are now available.

Round one of the 2017 World Baseball Classic kicks off tomorrow with Pool A in Seoul, South Korea. We created special scorecards for the occasion. All round one scorecards are available now. Sheets for round two and the final series will be available once the dust settles and teams advance.

As usual, our scorecards are a FREE download and you're encouraged to share!


2017 World Baseball Classic Scorecards

Pool A - March 6-10, Seoul, South Korea
Pool B - March 7-11, Tokyo, Japan
Pool C - March 9-13, Miami, United States
Pool D - March 9-13, Jalisco, Mexico

Pool E - March 11-16, Tokyo, Japan
Pool F - March 14-19, San Diego, United States

Semi-Final Game 1 - March 20, Los Angeles, United States
Semi-Final Game 2 - March 21, Los Angeles, United States

Championship Game - March 22, Los Angeles, United States


2016 World Series Scorecards October 22 2016

Congratulations to the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs.
It's sure to be an epic and historic World Series!

These custom scorecards are FREE to download
as a 7-game PDF zip pack or individual game PDFs.

As always, download, print, share, repeat.

2016 World Series Scorecards

7-Game World Series Zip Pack

Game 1, Tue. Oct. 25 @ Cleveland
Game 2, Wed. Oct. 26 @ Cleveland
Game 3, Fri. Oct. 28 @ Chicago
Game 4, Sat. Oct.29 @ Chicago
Game 5, Sun. Oct. 30 @ Chicago
Game 6, Tue. Nov. 1 @ Cleveland (if necessary)
Game 7, Wed. Nov. 2 @ Cleveland (if necessary) 


2016 Championship Series Scorecards October 11 2016

Back by popular demand, we've created League Championship Series Scorecards for 2016.

As always, they're FREE  to download as either 7-game PDF zip packs or individual game PDFs.

Download, print, share, repeat. 

2016 ALCS Scorecards

7-Game ALCS Zip Pack

Game 1, Fri. Oct. 14 @ Cleveland
Game 2, Sat. Oct. 15 @ Cleveland
Game 3, Mon. Oct. 17 @ Toronto
Game 4, Tue. Oct. 18 @ Toronto
Game 5, Wed. Oct. 19 @ Toronto
Game 6, Fri. Oct 21 @ Cleveland (if necessary)
Game 7, Sat. Oct. 22 @ Cleveland (if necessary) 

2016 NLCS Scorecards

7-Game NLCS Zip Pack

Game 1, Sat. Oct. 15 @ Chicago
Game 2, Sun. Oct. 16 @ Chicago
Game 3, Tue. Oct. 18 @ Los Angeles
Game 4, Wed. Oct. 19 @ Los Angeles
Game 5, Thu. Oct. 20 @ Los Angeles
Game 6, Sat. Oct 22 @ Chicago (if necessary)
Game 7, Sun. Oct. 23 @ Chicago (if necessary) 

Free Ballpark Wallpaper for iPhone iOS 8 April 14 2015

In support of our last Kickstarter campaign, we produced a set of 33 ballpark wallpapers custom designed to work with the iOS 8 lock screen on iPhone 5 and 6 models. 

All 30 current ballparks are represented plus two 'Many Dimensions' screens inspired by the latest poster design.



Simply download the zipped folder specific to your model, add the images to your photo app, then select your favorite lock screen image via the phone's settings.

All images were created in the native resolution for each specific model, so be sure to click on the appropriate link (sorry, no Android specific files at this time, but the iPhone 6 images share the same native resolution as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 — and perhaps others).

All images and files are © Louis J. Spirito / THIRTY81 Project. Kindly reserve for personal use only.


iPHONE 5, 5S, 5C


iPHONE 6 Plus


New Kickstarter project launched! March 24 2015

We've just hit the launch button on a new poster project over at Kickstarter. The new design is
a variant of the nearly sold out original Ballparks Serigraph.

The prints will be available as a standard 18" x  24"serigraph and a special 24" x 36" Collector's
Edition that will be limited to just 81 numbered and signed impressions worldwide.

This is your chance to get in on a new poster design at significant savings before it reaches the shop.

The Kickstarter runs through April 21st at 10PM PST.


"One Game. Many Dimensions." October 21 2014

Continuing to explore new methods for displaying visual information.
This was designed specifically for Instagram and cycles through the playing fields of all 30 MLB ballparks.

Orioles Infographics October 10 2014

Here's a peak at a couple of graphics produced for my former colleagues at the Baltimore Sun.

The first shows the Orioles 2014 regular season campaign in two charts — Runs Scores vs. Runs Against and Games Above .500.

The second graphic was designed to accompany a story about the Orioles' power offense vs. the Royals' speed on the bases. It also features a comparison of Camden Yards and Kauffman Stadium using material culled from the ballparks posters.

Click on the images for full size PDF versions.



2014 MLB Division Races October 03 2014

With the postseason in full swing, I thought it would interesting to visualize the 2014 division races. Here's a look at how the six division winners performed compared to their rivals.

Click the image to download the full 11" x 17" PDF.



32 New Prints! April 29 2014

Fresh off the recently successful 'Century of Ballparks' Kickstarter campaign, THIRTY81 is proud to announce the addition of 32 new prints now available!

• 'The Many Physical Dimensions of Baseball' infographic — the project that spawned THIRTY81 — is being produced thanks to great demand after being featured on Visual.lyMLB Cut, and NESN. The poster features an annotated comparison of field and wall dimensions of all 30 Major League ballparks, revealing the unique variations among them. The poster measures 24" x 18" and will be produced using 4-color offset printing on 95# McCoy Topcote cover stock.


 • The 'Century of Ballparks' poster is a 18" x 24" colorful mosaic, illustrating to scale the dimensions and shapes of the 30 current Major League Baseball fields. A custom solid green is used to highlight areas of grass or turf with a contrasting white representing infield patterns and warning track areas. Individual background colors, inspired by the home team's primary palette, enclose each field. Diagrams are labeled and organized by the year each was established over the course of 100 years, from Fenway Park (1912) to Marlins Park (2012). Printed on 95# McCoy Topcote cover stock using 5-color offset printing.


30 Individual Ballpark Prints share the same color palette and were designed as a companion to the 'Century of Ballparks' poster. These 12" x 18" prints are drawn to a common scale, featuring team inspired colors that enclose each field. The field name, established date, and outfield dimensions are displayed in Gotham typeface at the bottom of each. Printed on 120# McCoy Silk cover stock. Below is a sample of six designs and typographic detail:



Be sure to follow THIRTY81 on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates as their announced!


THIRTY81 Origins March 27 2014

This post originally appeared as an update to the Kickstarter project "THIRTY81: A Poster Celebrating the Fields of Baseball", Oct. 1st, 2013.

The THRITY81 Project goes all the way back to 1980 when the nucleic core of the baseball virus was just beginning to attach itself to my DNA. My mother, who infected me, gave me a copy of the Kessler Baseball Handbook, a premium giveaway that included brief team-by-team analysis, full schedules, and notably, basic schematics of the then 26 ballparks.

It was the first time I was able to inspect all of the fields in one place. I studied every detail and was instantly fascinated by the variation in geometry from one ballpark to another. This was my first source and these scans are of the original copy.

Zoom ahead to the spring of 2000. While working as a graphic artist at The Washington Post, I was asked to create a series of graphics for the upcoming baseball preview section. One of the graphics focused on the wave of ballpark construction taking place and three new fields scheduled to open in Detroit, Houston and San Francisco. My original sketches included a comparison of existing ballparks and the trend in asymmetric retro design, which couldn't be further from the concrete multipurpose donuts that many new parks were replacing. However, like many newsrooms where printed space is a premium, the bold concept was reduced to a comparison of just the three new ballparks.

The idea resurfaced again during my time at The Baltimore Sun as the trend of construction continued. Ultimately, I decided instead to focus on another long imagined project — tracking foul balls. During nine consecutive games at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, I plotted the location of 214 foul balls hit into the seats in an effort to locate the ideal spot to catch an elusive souvenir. Clearly, the viral infection had now crested to incurable absurdity.

I have since left the newspaper business but still remain close to friends and colleagues within the industry. I also continue to explore new visual expressions related to my passion of baseball. Indeed, this past February I once again approached the idea of a ballpark comparison concept. The effort led to a graphic in the 2013 Los Angeles Times Baseball Preview comparing ballpark extremes, though it was significantly abbreviated from the original comprehensive proposal that included all 30 ballparks (that issue of space again). The original unabridged graphic can be viewed here at

It was about this time that I began to notice many folks were finding success on Kickstarter with small poster projects. I did a bit of research on printing options and discovered a robust cottage industry of silk screen printers. That discovery afforded an opportunity and inspired me to design the original 31 poster series. I decided to brand the concept the THIRTY81 Project — 30 ballparks, 81 homes games.

Anaheim Stadium 1966 March 17 2014

Growing up a baseball fan in Orange County, Anaheim Stadium became my second home from 1977 through the mid 1980's. My mother and I shared season tickets when I was in high school and together we experienced some amazing moments — the Angels' first Division Championship in 1979, Nolan Ryan's 1-0 duel with Ron Guidry and the then defending Champion New York Yankees, the Angels' second playoff appearance in 1982, Reggie Jackson's 500th home . . . just to name a few.

Over the years I've collected bits of ephemera that document the various lives of the stadium — from it's original configuration as an open baseball only facility, to the enclosed cold cavern when it was also home to the LA Rams, and then to it's rebirth as a true ballpark. One of my favorite pieces, an Angels program from 1966 entitled "The Inaugural Year", was brought up in a Twitter conversion recently. That prompted me to scan a selection of 15 pages and create a PDF so it could be shared with other insufferable ballpark aficionados.

Thanks to @MLBCathedrals for prompting the discussion and for being a tremendous supporter of the THIRTY81 Project.

Click the link below to view or download (3.8 mb).


Anaheim Stadium 1966 — The Inaugural Year via


The Scoreboard Series December 03 2013

THIRTY81 Project is proud to announce the new Scoreboard Series of serigraph prints. This open-ended collection will showcase notable moments in baseball history using iconic scoreboards as the story teller. Each print is meticulously researched using a variety of sources  — including photographs, box scores, archival radio play-by-play — to create a faithfully inspired illustration of each scoreboard as it would have appeared at the time.

Each serigraph will be offered as a Limited First Edition of 81 prints, numbered and signed.

The first two prints in the series celebrate the personal achievements of two of baseball's legendary pitchers: Nolan Ryan's record setting 383 strikeout season of 1973, and Sandy Koufax's perfect game of 1965.

Kindly visit each product page for complete details:

Ltd. 1st Edition Noland Ryan 383 Serigraph

Ltd. 1st Edition Sandy Koufax Perfect Game Serigraph


Welcome to THIRTY81 December 02 2013

Welcome to the debut of the THIRTY81 Project store. We're just getting things started, so we ask your patience as we begin to expand the collection of prints and other items. We plan to add much requested individual Ballpark Series prints in waves over the course of the 2014 season. We will also be adding more variety to the Scoreboard Series in addition to some special editions and variants to the Ballparks Poster.

Many prints will be sold as signed and numbered limited first editions. Generally, when these sell out, they are gone forever. However, under rare exceptions, unsigned editions may be produced if demand is exceptional.

We also will periodically debut new projects on Kickstarter to help us fund more elaborate concepts. Project rewards through Kickstarter will always be offered for less than they are sold here in the shop. So check back often for the latest project announcements.

Thank you for stopping by. We have a busy first year planned.

 Kindest regards,

 Lou Spirito